Japanese Robot Receptionist Greets Shoppers at Tokyo Department Store

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She can sing, she can smile, and this Japanese robot receptionist, which only started work in Tokyo, Japan recently, never gets tired with greeting customers to her shop.

“My name is Aico Chihira. How do you do?” the model says in Japanese, nodding and blinking to clients in the foyer of Mitsukoshi, the oldest department store chain in Japan.

Aico Chihira, wearing a traditional kimono, readily smiles as potential shoppers approach.

The android Chihira, with her lifelike skin and almost natural-looking movements, was created and developed by conglomerate Toshiba, and launched during a tech fair in Japan last year.

“We are aiming to develop a robot that can gradually do what a human does,” according to Hitoshi who works at Tokuda as chief specialist at Toshiba.

“The standard of customer service in this Mitsukoshi flagship store is top quality and this is a great opportunity to see what role our humanoid can play in this kind of environment,” he said.

According to the department store, it hopes the robot can become an effective tool in providing directions to clients and boosting store campaigns.

Mio Sakai, who has been serving as a receptionist for two years, said that the robot’s smile is “a bit stiff”, but she feels honored to work beside the robot.

Photo by geralt

Video by ODN

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